Wish to Earn Big on Amazon? 10 Reasons Why SouvNear is the Best Choice for Resellers


Indian art doesn’t wait for a professional canvas and a Kolinsky paint brush to draw a painting. A unique shaped rock, carving tools, colorful flowers and artistic hands can also create a marvelous piece-of-art.

And that’s why Indian art is in high demand across the world!

Around 3 years back, SouvNear decided to discover the authentic and ethnic crafts of India and reach out to art connoisseurs around the world via Amazon. The intent was to create a profitable business out of this demand while contributing to artisans’ sustenance.

We surveyed the trends, needs and tastes of the West, and business viability before we jumped into the business. The most important research was around exploring different art-forms of India and hand-selecting the right products. This helped create a unique art repository that matched the needs and tastes of SouvNear’s audience.

And today, after an interesting learning curve of almost 3 years, SouvNear is one of the most popular sellers of artisan-crafted artifacts from India on Amazon.

This popularity can be attributed to not only selling in the US and EU countries, but also ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Here’s a quick snippet of recent customer feedback on Amazon Seller Central

Feedback for SouvNear on Amazon.com

And a few snapshots of reviews by customers on Amazon.com:

This one is for a square wooden tissue box with brass inlay-work from SouvNear…

review of wooden tissue box - SouvNear

This review is for a Meenakari elephant sculpture from our Amazon Storefront…

review on meenakari elephant from SouvNear on Amazon

This one is for a keepsake box on Amazon…

review on keepsake box from SouvNear on Amazon

The list of such feedbacks is endless but the purpose here is to showcase the love people have for SouvNear handicrafts and more importantly, the tremendous scope of selling these handicrafts and making profits at a bigger level.

This fact can further be validated with SouvNear’s sales on Amazon that crossed $3 million till June 2015 with over 100000 units sold.

After this remarkable success, SouvNear has now taken the next big step in its journey and moved to a wholesale site for handmade products. The easy-to-use website allows resellers, aspiring entrepreneurs, full timers and part-timers to buy Indian handicrafts in bulk at wholesale prices and resell at bigger profit margins via Amazon, individual websites and offline gift shops.

Initially, this wholesale business was created on SouvNear’s sister site, Odocart.com. But wholesale was moved to SouvNear.com itself to empower our resellers to sell for SouvNear and take this business to the next level.

So basically, all the sales (and added growth in the year 2016) on Amazon is up for grabs for resellers who either want to sell for us using the SouvNear brand or for those who want to sell under their own label.

But Why Would You Choose SouvNear?

  1. Proven Highly Profitable Range of Products:  SouvNear has tried and tested different kinds of art-pieces for 3 years in the global market. And now we introduce a repository that is highly in demand across the world and is proven to make enormously high profits.


  1. Sold at Unbeatable Prices:

    SouvNear has established direct tie-ups with vendors and artisans all over India. This covers all middleman costs. Hence, we commit to sell these highly valuable crafts at rock-bottom prices.


  1. The Best Shipping Terms:

    The major concern in international shipping involves the shipping terms. But SouvNear promises to ship your bulk order at the best terms, which are DDP (Delivered Duty Paid to named place of destination). Your items are also insured till delivered. And even this is flexible… you can drop us a note if you work on different terms and we will surely consider.

SouvNear shipping terms

  1. Exclusive Product Portfolios:

    Resellers can ask us to sell specific SKUs exclusively to them. But this is possible only at predetermined bulk quantities. This gives monopoly on the chosen SKU and creates better profit prospects.

  1. Customization of Products:

    We can also create customized handicrafts based on the needs of resellers, again at predetermined bulk quantities and again you simply need to ask us.

  1. Complete Quality Check and Replacements:

    We carry out comprehensive quality checks on each and every order before product resellers receive it. Still, in case, if items gets damaged during transit, we take full responsibility to replace them after due investigations.

  1. Available White Label Option:

    SouvNear has established itself as a premium brand in the world of crafts. So resellers have the choice to sell handicrafts for us under the SouvNear brand or they can always sell it using their name.

  1. Sample Orders:

    We understand the initial doubts and dilemmas of every reseller. So before you make your purchase, you can buy samples. If you like the SKU samples, go ahead and place your wholesale order. To order samples, you need to put items in your wishlist, then go there, check the ones you want and click on “Send Request for Sample Product”. See the screenshot below…

Ordering samples on SouvNear

  1. Some Interesting Marketing Perks:

    Handicrafts sell best when every buyer knows who made their product and how. To bridge the gap between the artisans and your valuable customers, SouvNear provides interesting information about the arts on the blog. A link to the arts’ section is provided as a QR code on SouvNear product tags. Customers simply need to scan the code with their mobiles to reach this information. Here’s the same code; you can try scanning it with a QR code reader on your mobile:

QR code for arts on SouvNear

  1. Celebrating Happiness:

    Every handicraft you sell brings a reason for unrecognized artisans to be happy and create business for themselves. So it is definitely a great way to connect and preserve these faded arts and spread the happiness!

And there are many more reasons for any aspiring entrepreneur or established resellers to become business partners with SouvNear. We invite you to get started. Create your account on SouvNear and browse through our unique range of handicrafts.

Author: Dolly Purba
Dolly is a Literature enthusiast and has honed her writing and literary skills with a Masters course in Literature. She has a knack for simplifying things and views life through the lens of positivity. She loves traveling and exploring diverse cultures. This blog serves as a medium to share her learning and observations.
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