What’s in Your Backyard That Awaits a Shabby Chic Make-over?

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Thanks to my friend and colleague Dolly, who recently introduced me to this new concept of home décor–‘The Shabby Chic’. Shabby Chic as Dolly states in her post, “is an interior design style that uses distressed, old, worn out, vintage-look furniture for that unique Victorian-era home décor look”. Fascinated by this interesting concept, I went ahead and experimented the same on a bench using a few ordinary items and an easy method.

Yes! Just a bench!!


Years of solitude – Before the makeover

 This bench that I am talking about was an ignored piece of furniture in the backyard and gained little or no attention. In distressed wood, this patchy and old bench experienced a transformation, right in my hands, to a catchy and fresh looking piece of furniture. And now proudly owns the title of Shabby Chic.

The interesting part of the make-over of this bench remains that the essentials required for the purpose were already present in my store house. Soon I had them right before me without even a single visit to the market.

The list of the items included:

  • Paint (preferably pastel shades with matte finish)
  • Paint Brush
  • Pieces of sandpaper

That was all and I went ahead with my creation!

I cleaned the bench thoroughly with a dry clothe and made it free of dust that had settled on it for all those years. The next step was to paint. Just a few good numbers of brush strokes in two or three layers and the painting process was complete. The bench was left for drying for an hour.

Make sure to use only white or pastel shades of pink, blue and greens to bring out the exact shabby chic look. My pick was a pastel blue.

And at last came the crucial part of all, the rubbing of sandpaper on the edges and a few other places. So I did with full concentration. If you go ahead with the idea, remember to wear a mask while rubbing the sandpaper as there will be slight paint dust arising.

These few easy steps and my first project of Shabby Chic was right in front of me. Now this bench no longer remains a useless piece of furniture but an attractive one – decorated with beautiful articles in my living room. The whole set up gathers a lot of appreciation from family and friends. Undoubtedly, even I bag a little.


Adorned and beautified with interior decorating articles – After the make-over

I hope you will enjoy creating one such piece for you. Or if there is nothing that you can work upon to create your own piece-of-art, you may pick handmade shabby chic items to sell in your store such as photo frames or curtain tiebacks from our wholesale website for handmade crafts and be a part of the ‘Shabby Chic Parade’!



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