Walking Sticks from Moradabad – Rendered by Nature; Fashioned by Hand!


Clack, clack, clack!
Tap, tap, tap!
Why an occasional thump, thud, or clunk?
I ask
Oh dear …it tells me the road is hard
And the Journey is Long… Very Long!


Oh! The never ending walks of life!
As much as I enjoyed all phases of my life
Wanted to ensure, walked with feet that didn’t wobble
On the cobble
And yes I always wanted company
Walking alone can be difficult at times
With so many climbs
Relations either fade away or take different courses
Playing with and against inner forces
But my faithful companion was always there
Made me feel like we were a pair
With its Clack, clack, clack!
And its Tap, tap, tap!
It kept me alive with its music!


My Experience My Spirit My Choice of Fashion

If you are an 80’s fan, chances are you have at least one of these hidden by your mother or father in your attic or under your staircase.

Back in those days, these companions were pretty much an elementary style essential for an everyday street smart look.

Like they say ‘all good things come to an end’, these handy canes unfortunately didn’t trend far into the new millennium.

Well, I have some really good news for all you nostalgic fans out there. You’re about to get a serious dose of style déjà vu with a new-found appreciation for these do-gooders city sticks.

Making a re-entry, these beloved canes are fast becoming cool fashion accessories as a lot of fashionistas and style conscious celebs are welcoming this comeback by labeling them as a trendy retro revival! A resurgence of old-school fashion trends has brought these decorative canes back into play and they are here to dominate runways across the world.

Configured By Masters!

Carvers all over the world work with a lot of woods to make walking sticks or canes. However the choice of grain for the carvers of Moradabad, India is the indigenous Indian rosewood ‘sheesham’.

Talk to them about their creations and you can see their eyes brimming with pride in narrating that the wood is breathing….breathing with incredible textures and colors….With a twinkling they add, this is what paves way for creativity and imagination.

The best advantage for opting for this kind of wood informs Lakhwinder, is that the wood features natural grains that vary from piece to piece, thus making every article unique and beautiful.

Sneak Peak at the Making!

It is always a good idea to pay a great deal of attention to the balance of your stick or cane. Also be sure that it is neither too tall nor too short.

A tip:

Standing straight with your shoes on will enable you to get the correct length for the cane you wish to carve. Let your arm hang naturally at the side. Have someone measure the length from the floor to the second crease in the wrist. That is the proper length of the walking stick.

While making handles due thought is given to curve in the palm for the most comfortable grip.


Attaching a brass handle gives this cane a character of its own.

It’s gifting time! Take the opportunity and treat yourself and everyone who’s looking forward to a good walk 🙂 Choose your walking sticks here…


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