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Simply Profitable – Wonderful Wholesale Garden Décor Items You Will Love to Resell in 2017 Spring Season

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Spring holds huge potential for gift shop owners and sellers who can make a lot out of gardens and patios. So before your buyers come out from winter chills, style and stock-up your stores with unique and hand-crafted SouvNear wholesale garden décor items at the price you would love to buy. Garden Sculptures & Statues […]


Bulk Garden Supplies – From Ordinary Outdoors to Outstanding Outdoors


Looking for bulk garden supplies? Look no more before you read about Mrs. Singh’s garden makeover, for more ideas to stock up your shop for garden buyers. Let’s jump right in… “There is no place like Home! Yes of course and I believe gardens, whether big or small, add a touch of extravagance to the ambience of our […]


8 Interesting Ideas to Surprise or Compliment Your Sweetheart – This Valentine’s Day


Choosing a gift for one’s Valentine is not just an interesting but a challenging job as well. So true, as most of you are ready to spend enough but yet are not able to find that extraordinary, one-of-a-kind gift; to leave your special-one amazed and delighted. Well, it’s not the worth of the gift that […]


Do We Really Need an Occasion to Say Thank You to Our Mothers?


Why wait for the Christmas or the New Year or for that matter the Mother’s Day to gift and let your mom know how much you love her and thank her for everything she’s done for you! May be a cliché, but it’s also totally true. Admittedly, Mothers; it’s difficult to shop for them. Not […]


Interesting Ideas to Decorate your Home This Christmas with Some Indian Twists


Mrs. Singh, who lately bought some colorful artifacts from SouvNear is my best friend’s mother too. Fond of lamps, candles and lights, she is always keen on exploring different worlds to find something unique and then brightening her home with a gleaming radiance. This Christmas, she wanted to bring some special touch to her décor […]


Rags to Riches – A Handmade DIY Craft Rustic Décor Creation in 5 Minutes


Every few months, we run a DIY craft workshop ‘Explore to Create’ at SouvNear, that encourages us to try, discover, and create something unique and artistic. This time we were given rags, waste papers, bottles, cans, jute/burlap threads, cartons, glues, etc. for the DIY workshop to create rustic home décor items in 10 minutes. Surprisingly […]