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Wholesale Mother’s Day Gifts That All Moms Will Love – Most-Desired Bulk Handmade Gifting Ideas for Resellers

Wholesale mothers day gifts buy in bulk. For moms and grandmothers

Mother’s Day is 3 months away and the pressure is on for resellers to find high-selling and profitable wholesale mother’s day gifts for their shops. If you’re also at a loss to find unique products for the day, take a cue from our researched blog to nail your sales like never before. A survey for the best wholesale […]


Wish to Earn Big on Amazon? 10 Reasons Why SouvNear is the Best Choice for Resellers


Indian art doesn’t wait for a professional canvas and a Kolinsky paint brush to draw a painting. A unique shaped rock, carving tools, colorful flowers and artistic hands can also create a marvelous piece-of-art. And that’s why Indian art is in high demand across the world! Around 3 years back, SouvNear decided to discover the […]


SouvNear Turns from Retail to Wholesale

Handmade stone art on SouvNear

After selling more than 100,000 handicrafts, SouvNear has taken the next big step of going from retail to a wholesale-only platform for handmade. Here’s the press release for this announcement. Yes! The SouvNear team has been working hard these recent months to build a wholesale engine, which is now live on the platform. We have […]


Source Wholesale Handmade Bulk Supplies on SouvNear

SouvNear - the best wholesale bulk handmade sourcing option

Disrupting wholesale in handmade products SouvNear is a wholesale sourcing platform for handmade goods that helps retailers discover and offer unique handmade products with character – not mass-produced but handmade passionately by artisans. We are a startup focused on bringing quality handicrafts within buying reach in global markets. We started B2C operations in Nov. 2013 […]