SouvNear Turns from Retail to Wholesale

Handmade stone art on SouvNear

After selling more than 100,000 handicrafts, SouvNear has taken the next big step of going from retail to a wholesale-only platform for handmade. Here’s the press release for this announcement.

Yes! The SouvNear team has been working hard these recent months to build a wholesale engine, which is now live on the platform. We have also merged (which used to run the wholesale business initially) with

Now all offline retailers, gift-shop owners, convenience store owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to sell handicrafts from India online as well as offline, can sell these proven, in-demand products globally. You can even sell SouvNear products on Amazon in the US and EU countries!

What’s in it for resellers?

  • Thousands of handmade artefacts from India that are highly in demand in the Western world but rarely available to anyone


  • Free shipping


  • Delivered duty paid and insured on DDP terms


  • At very competitive and wholesale prices with no middle men involved



  • With low minimums and a hassle free return/exchange policy


  • And a lot lot more…

The website promises no hassles and formalities. Few quick clicks and you will be able to buy unique, artisan-crafted products in bulk.

And yes! SouvNear ensures to deliver your order at your doorstep without you worrying about any complicated shipping processes. You need not pay extra for shipping charges and your items are delivered duty paid (DDP terms) plus insured.

So let’s create a new milestone in our business journey today and grow incredibly together!

You can always reach out to us for more details and queries.

Till then Happy Reselling!!

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