Simply Profitable – Wonderful Wholesale Garden Décor Items You Will Love to Resell in 2017 Spring Season

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Spring holds huge potential for gift shop owners and sellers who can make a lot out of gardens and patios. So before your buyers come out from winter chills, style and stock-up your stores with unique and hand-crafted SouvNear wholesale garden décor items at the price you would love to buy.

Wholesale Garden Buying for Spring

Garden Sculptures & Statues

Everyone likes to add a touch of color and beauty to their gardens and patios with sculptures that have 3D surfaces and textures. From serene Buddhas to funny singing cats, we have picked up art-pieces that go well with diverse garden decor themes.Garden Metal Statues and Sculptures


Watering Cans

Our artisans feel the joy in giving a twist to something that is a need of every garden and garden-lover. So they crafted camels, frogs, fish, cows and more in the form of watering cans to cultivate your sales and of course the smiles of your buyers.

Metal watering can cow duck owl


I doubt if we left any style, shape, color or material to fill up the wholesale garden planters section. Along with providing visual interest to the exteriors, these planters are suitable to grow most plants with barely any maintenance requirement.

From such a wide range, you will certainly love to pick many items that would suit your needs and tastes.

So take your collection up a notch and invite your buyers to enjoy the gorgeous array of garden decorative items that probably they would have never seen before.

Ceramic metal hand painted garden planters


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