The River Expedition – SouvNear Team Celebrating Success and Togetherness in Rishikesh

SouvNear river rafting expedition at Shivpuri in Rishikesh

Well, we don’t trip! We just do random gravity checks every April at SouvNear.

This time the team was in an adventurous mood so we chose to take a chance with rapids of the river. We went for camping and river rafting in Rishikesh, India for 2 days. Based in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River, the place is known as the Adventure Capital of India for the kind of expeditions and ventures it offers.

Here are few glimpses of our special moments that I eagerly want to share with you all.

We put up in a tent resort called “The Cradle of Life” in Shivpuri, around 10 kilometers from Rishikesh.

Cradle of life on the map in Rishikesh

Out there was all earth and sky and we needed nothing more than these small tents for a sound sleep. Although I could hear my neighbor snoring the whole night in the adjacent tent. Maybe that’s why they call it camping…

This was our little bamboo café that exuded organic and rustic appeal. All green around, the café along with amazing food served calmness, beauty, and relaxation. By the way, it is all eco-friendly and handmade with no concrete used anywhere!
Handmade thatched cafe in Rishikesh


Our evening at the riverside was for all moods. Someone wanted to embrace his solitude in the abundance of river….


While some wanted to lift their spirits in each others’ fun company…

Enjoying by the shore

And some became the best of friends while they spoke their hearts out in the full moon light…

After this, there was bonfire, some booze, Himalayan food, some more booze and lots of dance! Right now everyone is too embarrassed to show those pictures so let those moments stay safe in our cameras.

The next morning was simply divine. It had its own music that witnessed a thousand miracles. Looking at it, I could receive sunlight, joy, purity, pleasure and a lot more than I could seek.

The morning showered energy and freshness that we somehow miss in the city lights.

And that’s the healthy and light breakfast our instructors recommended before we go rafting.

We had some fitness freaks too who never miss on working out even during vacations. This is Eknoor, a mother of 2 kids, who loves to stay fit and active always. She got up early to try rope walking and some more adventures.

And finally! The river calling!!

That’s super excited me, all set for rafting…

These are my co-sailors ready to direct the red sail…

In the raft before take off

And here we go…

Off we go...

Adjusting the raft to the rapids… all drenched!

All drenched

After this adventurous expedition, it was the time to go back home. We were tired yet refreshed and everyone was all silent and at peace in their journey towards home. Maybe we all had traveled far enough to find ourselves somewhere.

And that’s the man behind the scenes – Sanjit. He does all the photography for SouvNear everywhere and anywhere.

Photography credits - Sanjit

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