Pocket Full of Profits: 5 Ideas You Must Try This Valentine’s Season for Your Gift-Selling Business

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Valentine’s Day has always been very important for gift-shop owners and related sellers for creating a good business. But we cannot ignore the competition that is building every year around this day, be it online or offline.

If you are also a seller and your sales are slowing down, or maybe you want to take a plunge into this new business, then this blog would certainly help you discover some interesting ideas that others might not be following but are worth trying.

   1. Sell Handmade that Carries a Story Behind It

Valentine’s Day is no more limited to red hearts, balloons and teddy-bears. People love to gift something that is thoughtful, creative, and unique and preferably carries emotional value.

And you can cash in on it by selling handicrafts like tea-light holders, journals, photo-frames, jewelry-boxes, jewelry, sculptures and even utility items or collectibles like bookends, chess-sets, antique-look nauticals and much more…

Do not miss to connect your products with a story and special value. For example anything related with ‘Taj Mahal – an epitome of love’ sells tremendously, if it says….

Sell Handmade that Carries a Story Behind It

    2. Swap Promotions with Florists & Cake-Shop Owners

Almost everyone buys flowers and cakes on this day. So why not create a win-win situation out of this opportunity? Promote yourself at cake-shops and flower-shops by pasting pamphlets or displaying your promising products there and in return promote their flowers and cakes in your store.

Swap Promotions with Florists & Cake-Shop Owners


You can also put up a fresh flowers’ kiosk outside your store and offer a free flower to customers when they check out. Such small gestures may cost you a bit, but in the long term these create a loving bond with your customers and they prefer you over the competition for future purchases.

    3. Contact Your Customers (preferably via phone) and Tell Them…


You may not know me but you have come to my store before. I don’t know if you have shopped for Valentine’s Day already but I need to tell you that this time I have included rare handmade items to my store.

Contact your Customers (preferably via phone) and tell them

 I have products ranging from … to … Simply tell me your partner’s interests and I promise he/she would be thrilled.  And don’t worry about wrapping and delivery; it will all be a part of my service.“

You might find it going overboard but believe me it converts the sales!

    4. Provide Special Valentine Services – Decorating Spaces Can be One of Those

Lot of students and creative minds strive for opportunities. It is the right time to give them that opportunity and add another profitable domain to your business. With their help spread the word “We plan surprises and decorations to make your Valentine’s Day a Memorable One” and organize the events.

Image by Loren Kerns shared under this CC license

Decorate the space with handmade heart baubles, vases, flowers, candle-stands and more… You can add unlimited possibilities to the service like making the event a musical one or with anything creative you can think of.

This will make your products sell along with providing you extra money for the service, and at no cost.

    5. Let Cupid Spread Love and Offer Discounts Around

Solicit a volunteer to dress up as cupid and walk ‘n’ dance around your store while distributing coupons, love-cards, discount cards, promotional little handmade gifts. You can also write at the back of the coupons:

We picked handmade this season because…

“We wanted you to choose gifts that are made of love and help someone earn a livelihood.”

Let Cupid Spread Love and Offer Discounts Around

Take the good deed a step further by making the visitors and everyone who crosses your store to write love and thank-you messages for soldiers, cancer-patients and other deserving groups. Make sure you deliver the messages in time.

So Sellers! Stop counting days and count numbers. Jump on to the Valentine Season’s Wagon and make pockets full of profits.

Author: Dolly Purba
Dolly is a Literature enthusiast and has honed her writing and literary skills with a Masters course in Literature. She has a knack for simplifying things and views life through the lens of positivity. She loves traveling and exploring diverse cultures. This blog serves as a medium to share her learning and observations.
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