‘Not To Miss’ Christmas Gifts & Decorations!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to pick presents, handmade in wood, metal & mosaic!

 ‘Christmas’ is one word that imbibes everything from singing carols to silent prayers; decorated homes to jam-packed streets; happiness to forgiveness; simplicity to flamboyance. And, yes mostly importantly, the tradition of giving and receiving gifts.

Christmas gifts are not just gifts but a big way to convey ones feeling of love, respect and admiration for family and friends. SouvNear has gifts and decorations for Christmas that are not merely beautiful items but the untold tales of talented craftsmen.

Deviate from the norm and stuff your store with these extraordinary art-pieces to celebrate joy, globally. Completely handmade, each gifting or decorating article in our Christmas section has a story to tell.

Feast to everyone’s eyes, Indian handicrafts are also a delight to the pocket.

Here we give you a quick tour of what, SouvNear along with Indian artisans, has to offer you and your customers this holiday season of 2017.

Work of Hand-Blown Glass – Baubles & Candles Holders

Delicate and dashing, these baubles and candle-holders in hand-blown glass are created by experimenting with molten glass and high temperatures. A single piece or clubbed together to create a forest of decorations, these creations are sure to leave an everlasting impact! These holders and baubles are available in abundance of styles, covering all the possible colors of the spectrum and in varied shapes and sizes.

Expressions Through Threads – Wreaths & Hangings in Crochet Art

Crochet, in itself needs no introduction. A wonderful work of threads, crocheted articles bring an essence of the classical times. Or may be the thought of an old granny, narrating a story alongside hand-knitting the never-ending blanket on her crochet needle. Each hanging portrays a different theme through the motif captured with the entangled threads such as an owl, a running bunny, a flower or a bird!

Immortal Beings – Candle-Holders & Hangings in Metal

A house, full of children has all together a different concern, while picking decorations for Christmas. And, we understand that. Where glass baubles and candle holders are delicate and fragile, the metal hangings and candle-holders are a safer and durable option. These pieces-of-art in metal are a brilliant addition; not only set to serve a single season but for many more to come. Durability as an important feature, these hangings and candle holders are also beautiful and attractive when used for decoration.


Skill Captured on Wood – Hand-Carved Crosses & Candle-Holders

Going beyond imagination, the artisans have worked on wood to create crosses, trees, and candle holders, excellent for Christmas Gifting. Each item displays simple or intricate patterns and motifs. Exploiting ones talent to the core, the artisans have experimented even more by finishing these items with different types of arts. Exhibited through these crosses & trees are the arts of inlay, shabby-chic and slight surface carving.


Reflections of Royalty – Hand-Embroidered Tree Ornaments

In sequin, beads and zari, these tree ornaments are just like a time machine to take you back to the royal times. A concoction of the royal Mughal arts with the Victorian era, these hangings on trees bespeak elegance, class and richness. Made by hand, with colorful and glistering beads and sequins, these tree-hangings are definitely going to be much in demand among the lovers of the olden days.


The Story of ‘Bits & Pieces’ – The Mosaic Art

Textured to touch and extremely pleasant to the eyes, is the colorful art of mosaic. Very vibrant and fantastic, the mosaic collection includes baubles and tea-light candle holders. Beautiful to behold, these articles tell about the skill and patience of the artisan who fixes each piece in place to create a pattern with the mosaic tiles. Bright way to decorate homes, mosaic articles are also rich gifting options.

We hope you had an art-fulfilling ride through this blog; and trust us, it will be even more interesting as you check our products!

Take your pick from our collection and get the things going, even a lot perkier this Holiday & Christmas Season!

Season’s Greetings,

Team SouvNear

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