We Just Launched New Features to Make Wholesale Buying Easier from Manufacturers

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SouvNear is blooming fresh with lots of new user-friendly features.

You and us, we both are all up and ready for the holiday season’s big sales. To avoid any last minute confusions and help you buy handmade in easy and quick ways, we have introduced some happy new features!

Let’s have a look at them quickly:


See the new Wholesale Gifts section

This section will take you to relevant gifting options for all the important events of the year. Let’s suppose you are looking for products for Holiday gifting. Choosing from 15000+ products is definitely not easy. So simply go to Gifts >Holiday Gifts and pick.

All the products are thoughtfully chosen for each category keeping in mind the factors like interests, tastes, and age of almost everyone.


FOB Shipping option addedAlong with doorstep delivery, SouvNear now provides Freight on Board (FOB) too. If you choose FOB, you will see that the pricing is different than the doorstep option. This helps if you want your own shipping company to handle shipping.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Themes and arts will always be in trend. People love to buy elephant figurines or horse bookends, or maybe pumpkin coasters. Your customers might be looking for Dhokra art figurines, distressed picture frames or Openwork boxes. Everyone has their own theme and style.

SouvNear brings thousands of products that are now organized in 50+ themes and art-forms: 

Simply click on a theme or art-form and choose from themed home and gifting products in that particular genre.


Signed in or not, click on the heart button to add any product to your favorites and make your own product list. Do not forget to sign in to save it forever. The best part is these little hearts always travel along with the products. Be it at the category level…

….or the product level. 


You can always come back to your favorites in a click rather than struggling to find them all over again.



Pricing includes shipping on thousands of products

Doorstep delivery shipping costs are now included in pricing across thousands of products in the US and some other select countries so you can quickly calculate your margins for any product. If you want to use your own shipping instead, simply choose the FOB option and pricing will change accordingly.

Pricing inclusive of shipping - some examples from the Cone Painting Art section



See all products from a manufacturer

If you like a product, scroll down on the product page to find the link to view all products from that manufacturer. This is just like entering a maker’s shop to see all products on sale. The only difference is that this is better because you can see all product specifications and information without talking to the shop owner!

See all products from this hammock maker

Life is busy and we all have no time to take chances. So rather than struggling to find the right kind of gifts for your shop, click on the right buttons and experience what really sells!

You can also tell us your interests and budget, and our experts will make sure you make the best of this holiday season.

We look forward to your feedback in the comments below.

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