Smart Leather Bags in Bulk to Sell – For Your Customers’ Flying Visits to City Breaks

Genuine leather laptop bag

‘Love me or hate me – The desert seems to say;

This is what I am; And this is what I shall remain’

And so is true for SouvNear’s exclusive range of untanned leather hold alls, messenger bags and backpacksRugged – Straightforward – Liberal! Pinnacle of Measureless Chic! 

Desert-themed boho-chic cross-body handmade leather messenger bag

Desert themed saddle bag







These are smart boho Leather bags that you can buy in bulk to sell, with all the character that your customers need to combat sloppy overnight travels or carefree outings!

Unlike dyed offerings, readily available in the market, natural leather organically forms a beautiful patina over a period of time. Because of this, SouvNear was choosy to include products in its range that do not mix the readily available leather types, as some of these batches of leather are known to react very differently to the elements.

wholesale leather backpack

Basking in the long-overdue backpack fashion fever, the range has garnered a lot of curiosity for its pure leather impressions and slender proportions. An accessory long pegged mostly for hikers or students is finally taking dominance in mainstream fashion with well suited makeover. Add to that the never-seen-before elephant themed messenger bags, desert-themed ones, saddle bags and quick-selling cross-body leather laptop bags, and you have a winning shop display that needs to be replenished oh so quickly.

Perceptive and experienced travellers know exactly what they want in a bag – no superfluous detail or flourish; functionality to the core. Unlike luxury goods labels, the design should not focus on just promoting a brand;  bags should be practical and functional; a part of the owner’s travel experience!

Straps and handles on the bag that don’t hurt and cut into your hands with a heavy load; well-placed internal pockets that provide easy access to documents; the deep characteristic leather smell; a lot of additional compartments for quick access to essential items in-flight or during commutes!


Let the Travel Begin!

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