Let’s Create Mosaic Together Using Waste Products – The Easiest and the Quickest Way to Brighten Your Home

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One art-form which is probably as old as 4000 years and is still highly popular amongst art-lovers and décor experts is Mosaic Art. Practiced by the artists like Raphael, created on the buildings of Jerusalem centuries ago, and now a part of exotic houses and hotels of the world, this art-form is divine in itself.

So this time my urge to admire art-work took me to the city beautiful ‘Chandigarh’, India. Designed by a French architect, Le Corbusier, this well-planned city is all surrounded by greenery, hills and lake. One resident whom the whole country owes a lot of love and respect is Nek Chand. This great artist collected every kind of waste material like glasses, broken tiles, bottles, bangles etc. from different localities of the city and then recycled that into beautiful mosaic sculptures in a small forest. And today, this forest is widely known as The Rock Garden.

An unbelievable fact is that Nek Chand’s work was illegal and he hid it for good 18 years before it became public. And today, Rock Garden is the 2nd most visited place of India with 12 million visitors in total since its inception!!

This beautiful garden spread in 12 acres of land with full of creativity, colorful mosaic-art, small water-falls is definitely admirable and encouraged me to do my part of research. Thanks to the World Wide Web and the SouvNear sourcing team that I got to know how mosaic pieces are created.

BTW our sourcing team works closely with the artisans of India and together they create exclusive and best in quality crafts. So they are our Google for the long list of questions we always have.

Here’s what I understood about the creation of Mosaic art. You can try this too!!

If you are a beginner, pick a cardboard or any strong base and draw some interesting pattern (ideally some easy one initially) using a pencil. Then pick up waste tiles, glass or bottles and break them into different sized pieces.

Get mortar and mix it with water (following manufacturer recommendations) and apply that mixture in the drawn pattern using a spatula. Immediately after that, place different sized and colored pieces on the wet mixture and press those hard. Let it dry for at least 2 days and then clean it using some moist cloth.

Well, this is the most basic style of creating the mosaic art. Once you are handy with this, you can experiment it on vases, tables, planters, birdbaths etc. Play around colors, designs, and different materials like stones, pebbles or anything you like and explore your way of creating the mosaic.

Caution! It’s definitely easy but at times a bit tiring, risky (while breaking the glass pieces) & messy. And maybe we can create only the simpler ones at home.

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Do share your feedback on how you find these art-pieces and till then Happy MosaicING!!

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Mosaic glass vase

Handmade mosaic glass vase

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