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Looking for bulk garden supplies? Look no more before you read about Mrs. Singh’s garden makeover, for more ideas to stock up your shop for garden buyers. Let’s jump right in…

“There is no place like Home! Yes of course and I believe gardens, whether big or small, add a touch of extravagance to the ambience of our homes” quotes Mrs. Singh.

Mrs. Singh’s love for her garden has increased leaps and bounds with time, with morning tea and evening strolls bringing the two closer. “Not much had changed in it over time” laments Mrs. Singh. Or to say, least of her attention had gone into making any alterations in it. While the most or all of it has gone into the living, kitchen or bedroom decorations.

But not any more, this time her yearly plan of home alterations targeted the garden. This plan led her to the idea of adding colorful pots to the garden collection amidst the earthen ones.

“Handmade in ceramic, these pots proved unique ornamentations to deck up my garden and patio” adds Mrs. Singh.

Beautiful vibrant multicoloured garden planters that you can buy in bulk for your customers

Mrs. Singh enjoying her evening cup of tea in the garden

A break from the regular, these planters of striking and subtle colors bring spark and otherworldly feel to the outdoor décor. With colors and flowers not only restricted to the spring season, the garden blooms all throughout the year with these pots in various hues.

Apart from aesthetics, these vibrant little planters are of great use to her for planting her favorite herbs – basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and cilantro, and keeping them protected in extreme weather conditions. Easy to lift, she transports these planters inside or outside depending on the weather.

She shifts them indoor to the window shelf or places them anywhere in the house where there’s sunlight. 

Bulk garden supplies - vibrant multi-colored mini garden planters

Planters placed indoor on the window shelf under sunlight

The next small addition were some cute animal-themed watering cans. “These cans have so much character and add to the aesthetics of the garden like nothing else can. I chose the rooster watering can.”

Cute animal-themed metal watering cans


“I never knew these small changes could make such a big difference” says Singh. But yes it did! These  admirable creations set the mood alive in the mornings and relax her mind in the evenings with the serenity adorned in them through the hands of artisans who created them.

To pick such interesting handmade pieces-of-art to adorn your shop for your customers’ garden, patio or indoor needs, you may visit the  bulk garden supplies’ section of SouvNear. We ship in wholesale worldwide.

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