Do We Really Need an Occasion to Say Thank You to Our Mothers?


Why wait for the Christmas or the New Year or for that matter the Mother’s Day to gift and let your mom know how much you love her and thank her for everything she’s done for you! May be a cliché, but it’s also totally true. Admittedly, Mothers; it’s difficult to shop for them. Not that they are difficult to please. Just shout from your room – Mom I Love you and you might just get your favorite Baked Alaska cream cake for dessert.  The tricky part is figuring out what do you get her??

Let’s figure it out together!

  • Remember when you were a kid and you watched your mom cooking up a storm because fussy eaters like you along with your siblings used to snort at the very mention of spinach or veggies? “Can I get a chocolate pie for breakfast, a cheese cake for lunch and honey glazed ice cream with chocolate brownie for dinner “were the only options in your menu? A professional Chef she is, she very cleverly used to hide all the fruits and veggies in your pizzas, cal-zones, quesadillas, and apple pie crumble ;)! A toast to her creativity and all the prepping she needs to do before she lays out family dinner. ‘Delicious Delight Board’; coz she still loves to cook for you at home more that a fancy hotel reservation!


  • Kids say some seriously funny things, and if your mom has been dealing with naughty toddlers or teens like you; she will have tons of real-life anecdotes that will fill a lot of parenting guides. That’s why many moms chronicle all the stuff – their kids’ adorable mispronunciations to frank and earnest first questions about ‘birds and bees’. We have these cute small little wonders, perfectly travel-sized too, which she can individually name and start with penning down the humor mill!56

Make your Pick !

She will seriously appreciate this clever way to record those silliest, sweetest, and strangest giggle-inducing things to hang on to for dear life:)!

  • Let’s go by numbers in this one. A recent survey for ideal gifts for mothers pegged ‘Something for my Home or Garden’ to the number one spot. Any house becomes a home under the care of mothers. Along with balancing zillion-billion tasks, she still tries to find time for her interests. As a hands-on mother myself; I am always fretting about having a bit of nature indoors and trying for that ever elusive green space to relish all year-round. If you have seen your mother musing about the same, well, we have you covered. No more guessing! We are talking about these cute, good to go planters. These low-maintenance and surprisingly budget-friendly pots will ensure that she always has her favorite herbs at her beck and call.

Varying shapes and sizes in ceramic in a wide range of colors.

    • Fundamental to the atmospherics of any festivity or space; pillar candle holders are a novelty. Sturdy and strong like a pillar of strength that your mother is; it will skillfully convey that she’s the light in your life. Uniquely shaped and handmade in ceramic, we bet she’ll love the subtle patterns and colorations and put it to good use around the house

All thanks to the indigenous pottery procured from Khurja, India.

    • As committed as she is to ensure that everyone has a great time she might skip on having fun and relaxation herself! In fact we can bet, every mom yearns for that one boring day to do nothing at all except be lazy around the house. I myself picture me sipping my latte and reading ‘Chicken soup for soul’ on my favorite sofa with a snug cushion. Make your favorite girl laugh… smile…. give you her patented Oh-No-You-Didn’t-Have –To-Do-This look… while catching on the spirit that even she needs happy relaxing time when you give her this beautiful cushion cover stuffed with her choice of comfort inserts. Beware she might shed an unruly tear; it’s an occupational hazard for full-time moms to be high on emotions ;)!


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