Contemporary Art of Moradabad – Blending Classical Wooden Handicrafts with Modern Designs

wood and acrylic art


Amidst the various classical art forms presented by SouvNear lays another exciting and recently born – The Contemporary Art of Moradabad. With its roots in Moradabad, this contemporary art is a fusion of regular designs with artistic patterns and thus resulting in unique products of wood and acrylic. Adding colors and designs to wood through acrylic sheets is an innovative idea that the artisans of Moradabad have been performing with dedication. Fresh in thought and not very deep rooted in history; this art is represented in the form of coasters, photo frames and mirrors here at SouvNear. Having their own charm and beauty, these objects of art are at par with the other handicrafts of India.

Few of the interesting and basic features that go into the making of the products in this art are discussed below. These features give you an insight into the thought process and ideology of the artisans who are involved in this work.

Creativity at its best, fusion of natural and man made materials:

Through this art, creativity finds expression in the fusion of ‘Acrylic & Wood’ that together proves a wondrous medium resulting into exclusive, expressive and interactive masterpieces of décor. An artisan gracefully gives an artistic shape to his idea and thus the effort results into a special creation right in his hands. This creation that’s bathed in style and simplicity is an apt example of this modern art.


A unique photo frame in wood adorned with blue, white and brown acrylic sheets in striped pattern. The stand offers both vertical and horizontal display

Making the best of natural resources:

Artisans who are involved in this art prefer Indian rosewood due to it’s dark rich color and good quality. The artisans selectively pick quality pieces of wood from the skimming areas; where wood is cut and used for bigger purposes, like furniture making etc.

 “We try to use found or discarded wood as much as possible. Though I might not be that educated but it does make me happy that I am doing my bit” shares 64-year-old Ramiz, an artist, in this field, from Moradabad.

Durability – an important factor:

Practical design and sturdy built are the main features of each item made with this contemporary art. Tough and strong, these utility articles are finished in quality to serve your purpose endlessly.


Set of 4 round coasters with a holder. Showcasing a dramatic black and white check pattern, these long-lasting coasters bring in style and sophistication to the décor

Accentuating Décors:

Perfect to add to any kind of décor – modern, classic, traditional, contemporary, and countryside; these items from Moradabad are marvelously modern looking but with a classical background. Crafted in geometric or abstract designs, these small creations are stylishly chic, eye-catching and ever-alluring home or office décor essentials. Placed anywhere in the living rooms, bedrooms, dining tables, office tables or coffee tables, these elegant utility articles leave remarkable impression on anyone.


Set of 4 square coasters in earthen shades and creative design is another one such creation that has resulted from the fusion of acrylic and wood

Beyond Utility Articles – Creative Talent of the Artisans:

As artisans are imaginative and inventive by nature, they make unique and thoughtful creations, along with making regular utility items such as coaters and photo frames. Vanity mirror is one such fantastic work of art by one of the artisan.


Colorful and trendy, this mirror in simple design and striking contrast of orange and grey is a chic item for home décor

Understanding this art form through these small creations with a closer angle strengthens our belief in the intelligence and diligence of the artisans who are involved in this art.

Thus, recognizing and respecting the innovative ideas and hard work of modern Indian artisans of this art, SouvNear showcases these mesmerizing pieces-of-décor at a broader platform so that artisans like Ramiz continue to utilize their design capability to create such compositions of wood and acrylic. And also make the best and excellent use of left and unused wood; and continue performing their bit in the field of recycling and reusing. Impressive and trendy, this art deserves much appreciation and appraisal at a global level and you can be a part of this noble cause by being a member of SouvNear.


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