A Granddaughter’s Message from United States for the ‘Cone-Painting’ Artist in India

Cone Painting Art

We, at SouvNear.com, have a very creative and colorful ambience at the work place. Just as we enter the work station, one feels vibrant seeing the colorful walls, side tables jam-packed with unique handicrafts collected from different parts of India, bulletin boards filled with appreciative remarks for the artisans, etc.


Last week, while I was writing about an aesthetically painted wooden jewelry box, I came across an interesting note (we pick these reviews from Amazon for our encouragement and learning), that said:

“Both of our granddaughters love this box and have put their most beautiful rocks and gems in it. One of them told me recently she would like to know who drew the beautiful pictures on it.”

It was written by Colleen D. Whaling from Huntington Beach, CA USA.

Message in a green cone painting art box

A loving message for a stranger

I felt a dash of pride on building some strange loving connection between the artisan and the consumer. I immediately wanted to know about the artisan who created it. Now, there is a separate team who reaches-out and handovers the appreciation notes to the artisans, but this time I wanted to deliver the message.

The name of the artisan is Jaideep Singh Chouhan. He is born in a small town of Jodhpur, India – the land known for its art and creativity. He has been hand-painting intricate wooden crafts since his teenage, an art commonly known as ‘Cone Painting’ that he inherited from his forefathers.

An exciting process of cone-painting

Interestingly, this painting style is a lot different from the normal painting styles I have been seeing since childhood. The artists first take the wooden jewelry box and paint it entirely with enamel, or acrylic colors. The boxes are given a double or triple coating to avoid any kind of patches. Once the color completely dries up, it is given a coat of varnish.

Varnish is basically a mixture of various oils and resins that protects the wooden boxes from scratches, stains, sun, water damage or general wear and tear. After drying this coat for 2-3 days, artists draw interesting design outlines on the box with pencil. These rough designs are then painted using ceramic cones of various colors, revealing an exquisite wooden jewellery box as an end product.

A loving message from Jaideep to the granddaughter

By any chance, if Mrs. Colleen D. Whaling is reading this blog, Jaideep has a message for your granddaughter. He says,

“I lovingly painted the box for you. Such acknowledging messages have always helped me create something new and interesting in my next work. Thanks a lot for admiring my art”

Well, such small instances have always encouraged us, the team SouvNear, to continue spreading art and happiness around. In case you have some message for our artisans, we would be more than glad to deliver it. Simply write your comment/ message in the space below, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading!



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