Ceramic Pottery Art from Khurja – A Legacy of the Clay Bakers

Ceramic pottery art planters in different hues

‘Firing kilns and making ceramic glazes is quite a complicated process that is prone to multiple errors. If you aren’t paying complete attention to the process, it often ends up in a mess.  But you need to take it in your stride and consider it as a part of the process!’

These were the exact words of wisdom, from his father who always encouraged him to work harder, when he was making him learn the intricacies involved in creating individual ceramic pieces of art and utility, shared the master ceramic artist.

Khurja ceramic pottery artisan moulding clay

The clay bakers – conception and creation…

My First Lesson for the DayReframing your perception of success and failure is a necessary step in a creative process!

“Everything about handmade pottery is fascinating. No two end products are ever the same. Every piece has a story to tell! The forgiving nature of clay has room for remake and hence for mastering the craft”, blushes the artist.

A beautiful red ceramic pottery oil diffuser

Such simple pieces – composed from relatively complex methodologies!

Like an expert pie-baker their hands meticulously bend, fold, shape, emboss and paint the clay into refined approachable objects. A vast quantity of pieces in varying stages of completion, line the shelves and workbenches, showcasing the variety of sizes, surface textures, shapes, colors and patterns that emerge during each stage of production. They produce in mass, from morning to evening, the pots, vases, tumblers, dishes and much more that the market shops will sell. Young people among tired faces seem much eager to show off results of their work.

Ceramic pottery artisan at work

Art and the artist…

Only few people from their community (most of them uneducated), have the realization that what they do on a daily basis has a great influence on the online global markets.

Industrialized ceramics have eliminated the need for handmade, functional wares, but the skilled potter has once again redefined his/her place in society by creating an artistic language in clay.

Playing in and with the mud is actually giving these local artists the much needed financial freedom. An informed and educated audience and consumers who appreciate the handmade element of mid-century modern have incorporated these functional pieces in their very homes.

Ceramic pottery bathroom set

Artisan bathroom set in mud-brown glazed ceramic

While bidding adieu, what I felt was much more. I was inspired by these potters themselves – shining examples of people who have walked farther down the path I’m on; living good, contented lives!

Building a community and educating a community don’t have to happen in revolutionary ways. Each one of us can contribute by selecting the handmade product over the factory ones and help these people keep their art alive!

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