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15000+ Chosen Handmade Wholesale Gifts for Stores – Must-Have Ones from India for All Occasions

Perfect wholesale gifts to display in stores for all seasons

If you are a gift store owner, we can relate to everything you do for your business.   Right from choosing the products to selling them at good margins, reducing the prices of stuck inventory to clicking pictures for social media marketing, we can relate to every bit you do to sell your products. One […]


500+ Wholesale Crafts to Sell on Amazon for Big Profits

If you are an Amazon reseller, we need not tell you how online sales have to be done: you already know that well & then life is busy too. But as a competitive seller for handicrafts with 2,50,000+ sales behind us from around 1000 SKUs on Amazon, we can can share one important point that […]


Sell Crafts and Make Big Money

How You Can Make Big Money Selling Crafts from India

Planning to Sell Crafts from India in the US and Other Markets? The US market has always shown a huge fascination for Indian crafts. The current effective world market for handicraft exports from India stands at an impressive US $3048.42 Million with the US alone enjoying an unbelievable 29.92% of the share. Interestingly, this unparalleled growth is expected […]


Selling Handmade from India? You Absolutely Need to Know These Facts About Handicraft Exports

Indian Handicrafts Exports – A Quick Overview

INDIAN HANDICRAFT EXPORTS The dynamism and growth of the Indian handicrafts industry is unparalleled – be it traditional Indian arts & crafts or a customized version of an art form for utility and use. As one of the largest employment generators for the Indian economy, the handicraft exports’ sector accounts for a significant share in […]


Pocket Full of Profits: 5 Ideas You Must Try This Valentine’s Season for Your Gift-Selling Business

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Valentine’s Day has always been very important for gift-shop owners and related sellers for creating a good business. But we cannot ignore the competition that is building every year around this day, be it online or offline. If you are also a seller and your sales are slowing down, or maybe you want to take […]


Selling Online? Do Not Miss These 10 Things Before You Choose Your Products

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No Hassles! No Big Investments and Small Effort! Yet Amazing Profitable Returns!! That’s what smart resellers have been doing while selling online on Amazon and other such marketplaces. Diamond Candles got 1,055,014+ Facebook likes in no time and TechCrunch, NBC and other big media platforms are talking about it everywhere; DodoCase won Shopify’s Build-a-Business Contest and raised […]