Wholesale Mother’s Day Gifts That All Moms Will Love – Most-Desired Bulk Handmade Gifting Ideas for Resellers

Wholesale mothers day gifts buy in bulk. For moms and grandmothers

Mother’s Day is 3 months away and the pressure is on for resellers to find high-selling and profitable wholesale mother’s day gifts for their shops. If you’re also at a loss to find unique products for the day, take a cue from our researched blog to nail your sales like never before.

A survey for the best wholesale mother’s day gifts for gift shops

We did a small survey to know what kind of gifts would melt down the hearts of moms. The results were interesting!

A homemaker mom wanted encouragement to pursue her forgotten interests and a working mom wanted household support.

Survey entries to find the best wholesale mother's day gifts for gift shops

Here’s a thoughtful list of love-filled gifts for all moms. The best part is that each gift is unique in one or the other way, and handmade in India.

1 .  Working Mothers

“Choose the gift of a little extra time with the gifts that would save the time of busy moms.”

Wholesale mother's day gifts for working mothers

Working mothers will have office outfits and tablets, but they might miss on buying utility and decorative items for homes because of the lack of time.

80% of working moms said the best gift for them is when their husbands and kids share household responsibilities.

So we picked kitchen accessories like trays, chopping-boards, coasters, placemats and home accents like sculptures, rugs & carpets, table-lamps, vases, throws, end-tables, book-ends, etc. for them.

2 .  Home-Makers

“All work and no pay makes Jackie a housewife”

Wholesale mother's day gifts for home-maker moms

The climb to the top can be tough going – especially for mothers who choose family over career and lose themselves somewhere.

For them, the picks are unique fashion accessories like necklaces, earrings, bags, vintage-look hand-mirrors, old-world journals, pens, iPad covers, etc.

Jamie, one of the mothers said, “I always wanted to be a writer and the best I could receive was the trust my kids showed in me by gifting me a journal for writing.”

3 .  Single Mothers

“They are the strongest, but at times need strength from kids when they feel like giving up.”

Wholesale bulk mother's day gifts for single moms

When we saw sculptures of yoga gurus in different yoga postures, we knew it would be a wonderful way to encourage single mothers to love themselves always.

And then there are chess-sets, yoga-mats, book-ends and colorful planters to help them find their true self and connect with the nature.

Amy, a single mother of two said, “My 15 year old gifted me a chess-set that has become a beautiful reason for us to spend quality time together.”

 4 .  Grandmothers

“Grandmothers are just antique little girls who are mothers as well as best-friends.”

Wholesale mother's day gifts for grandma

They love to hoard old and new so nothing could be better than antique-look jewelry boxes for them – a collection of 500+ keepsake boxes in almost every size, style and material, these are adored by mothers of all age.

Another way to acknowledge grandmothers is through photo frames and scrapbooks with special memories stored in them. One of our favorite picks is cute little watering cans in animal shapes and quirky spectacle holders in nose shapes.

A grandmother quoted, “My grand-kids gave me a reading stand. It helps me read the Bible in a straight posture.”

5 .  Expecting & New Mothers

“A magical time that every woman awaits in her lifetime…”

Wholesale mother's day gifts for expecting mothers

Symbolizing new life and beginning, we have hand-carved animal sculptures that store a little baby inside them. Interestingly these are crafted from single blocks of stone or wood.

Other thoughtful gifting ideas are auspicious sculptures, paintings of Gods and Goddesses that are meant to bring prosperity, positivity and happiness around.

Christy, a mother of a 3 month old said, “I received Lord Ganesha’s sculpture from my husband on mother’s day that gives me energy to stay strong and happy always. ”

All these gifts are thoughtful and carry an emotional connect because a stranger-artisan crafted these by hand for mothers sitting miles away.

You don’t need special skills and time to to stock up your shop with these wholesale Mother’s Day gifts for your customers. Simply choose and place an order in few clicks or reach out to us at care@souvnear.com for any assistance.

You can also tell us your interests and we promise to select the best that would suit your audience and inventory budgets.

Author: Dolly Purba
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