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Muddling With Mud – The Process of Sand-Casting Brassware

Hand casted Nataraja sculpture in brass

Our sourcing team’s recent trip to a brass foundry in Aligarh became a topic of much discussion at SouvNear last week. The team’s visit brought us some very exciting and worthy information and pictures regarding the art of creating brass into interesting elephant sculptures, owl figurines and frog statues and much much more… Aligarh, a historical […]


The Unique Dhokra Tribal Art – The Mystery Behind Creating Metal Sculptures from Natural Resources


‘Traditional & Tribal’ are the two words that aptly define ‘The Dhokra Art’. But the two that are talked less and often go ignored are its characters of being ‘Eco-friendly and Natural’. You will agree with the latter as you scroll down to this article on seeing how dhokra artefacts of metal are created not […]


The Jaali/Openwork Art: Bringing Stones Alive Using the Process of Hand-Carving

Handmade stone art on SouvNear

Creativity and innovation have been the epitome of development of the human race. While innovation and quest for efficiency has fuelled the growth of science and technology, the lure and attraction of beauty and aesthetically pleasing works have inspired great pieces of art and artefacts. So have I learnt from my exploration and exposure to […]


Surprising Things I Would Have Never Known About Bidriware and the Unique Bidri Soil


An image of a huge silver and black vase suddenly caught my attention while driving home from office. Displayed on a hoarding that read ‘Bidriware Exhibition’, the vase shone brightly at the highway lights. In full excitement I reached the exhibition at the scheduled time and was completely overwhelmed to see the wide and exclusive […]


Hoshiarpur’s Inlay Art: Cutting & Pasting With Precision And Perfection

Acrylic inlay art tissue box

If you think cutting and pasting is just a child’s play, your thoughts about ‘Cut and Paste’ will under go a drastic change as you learn about this art of inlaying. Yes! The Art of Inlay I am definitely not talking about the cut and paste on the computer or your child’s art book. Our concern […]