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SouvNear - the best wholesale bulk handmade sourcing option

Disrupting wholesale in handmade products

SouvNear is a wholesale sourcing platform for handmade goods that helps retailers discover and offer unique handmade products with character – not mass-produced but handmade passionately by artisans.

We are a startup focused on bringing quality handicrafts within buying reach in global markets. We started B2C operations in Nov. 2013 and have grown at a fast pace! We launched our platform for wholesale handmade products in June 2016 to make it easy for retailers, gift shop owners and Amazon resellers to source bulk handmade supplies from India. We want to disrupt the wholesale industry in handicrafts by consolidating this fragmented, chaotic, unorganized sector to create a unique, organised resource for the world to easily source handmade supplies from all over india.

Here’s How We Work

We cut multiple layers of dealers by working directly with artisans/manufacturers.

Lowest wholesale prices - direct artisan to retailers
We cut layers of distributors… for the lowest prices

This cuts costs significantly, making it possible for you to bulk-buy at rock-bottom prices. In fact, we invite you to show pricing lower than ours and we will beat that pricing.

  • We offer the lowest prices in the business. Period.
  • We manage that…because we carry only a small inventory… most products are contract manufactured for you!
  • The only challenge? You need to plan ahead!
  • Oh! does that mean my money gets blocked? Not really… we just take a 25% advance… you pay the balance when products are ready for shipping.
  • Shipping is flexible… ships directly from the manufacturer in India. And we consolidate it… so you get even lower prices… larger the consignment, lower the shipping rates!!
  • Complete flexibility… Air (FedEx) 6 to 7 days delivery. Ocean (DHL) 25 to 60 days…depending upon country.
  • So… yes you have to plan ahead but you can enjoy huge upside…all you need is planning…and we make reorder damned easy… just login and press repeat order!
  • So… get great bargains and enjoy high margins!

And Finally… What is SouvNear?

‘SouvNear’ is a play on the word ‘Souvenir’. We changed the word to ‘SouvNear’ to create our brand, as, in essence, our business is to bring souvenirs ‘near’ – within easy reach of our customers and business-to-business partners.

We are in the business of fostering dying and remote arts of the world, so we don’t loose them forever. Currently we are focused on bulk-supplying quality Indian handicrafts to the global market. We work with artisans to provide a contemporary finish to their handicrafts, or select quality, finished products from different locations in India and provide them global visibility.

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