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Shabby chic carved wooden jewelry box

Shabby Chic (interestingly pronounced as “shabby-sheek”) is an interior design style that uses distressed, old, worn out, vintage-look furniture for that unique Victorian-era home décor look. Majorly created in neutral and soft pastel colors like pink, green, teal, or blue, this furniture looks very classic, rich and elegant. From the last 35 years, this décor style has been gaining great popularity and is becoming the main attraction of many houses.

The best thing about this décor is that one can simply transform old furniture into a complete new shabby chic look and at no price!!

A shabby chic display cabinet

A Rich Shabby Chic Background

Although it began in the 1990’s in Great Britain, the Shabby Chic aesthetic got popularity in the 1980’s when high-class society started to buy and flaunt the vintage look furniture that was left to fade and distress decades ago. The stately homes, then, used to mix such antique-look furniture with paintwork curtains, and grand chandeliers that always added an element of Victorian-age glamour to their décor.

Shabby Chic continues, till today, to be the style statement for that extravagant class that understands the eccentricity and richness of this unique furniture.

How Can Shabby Chic Bring the Victorian Era Look Into Your Home?

If you are the one who feels like transforming your home with that rich English vintage look, then shabby chic is for you!

You can simply paint your old garage furniture in heavy layers, then distress and rub it with sandstone paper for a couple of times, and place it in your favorite corner of the house. Although you can find plenty of information online that encourages you do this at home, but this process can become very tedious and messy at times.

If you do not wish to make many huge changes at first, an interesting way is to paint the walls in white, hang inexpensive curtains in interesting colors, place 2-3 shabby chic items like jewellery boxes, mirrors, photo frames in the living area, put flowers in an old vase, pile up your books in a corner and get the complete essence of the Victorian era at your home.

Where Can You Buy Shabby Chic Items from?

You can find a vast array of shabby chic products online, but those can either be very expensive or don’t offer the authentic vintage look.

One of the best shabby chic furniture hubs is in Saharanpur, India – a huge market for hand carved real wood furniture. It is an export hub for home décor items from almost 300 years. By intricately carving high-quality wood with their hands, artisans there have been creating piece-of-art décor items for generations, each distinct in its own style. And at very reasonable and attractive prices!

Shabby Chic is one art form which, although, has been inspired by the West, but has become the expertise of the highly skilled artisans of Saharanpur with time. They have been creating and presenting authentic shabby chic items to the whole world. They first make the Victorian era designs on paper, then transform these onto wood using some special ink, minutely carve the design using hand tools, paint the furniture in heavy layers, and finally rub it with sandpaper to bring out that real distressed look.

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