8 Interesting Ideas to Surprise or Compliment Your Sweetheart – This Valentine’s Day


Choosing a gift for one’s Valentine is not just an interesting but a challenging job as well. So true, as most of you are ready to spend enough but yet are not able to find that extraordinary, one-of-a-kind gift; to leave your special-one amazed and delighted. Well, it’s not the worth of the gift that matters, but just ‘The Gift’ that leaves a meaningful impression on your soul mate forever!

We all wish to gift or do something remarkable that we haven’t done before.

But what is it?

To add to your love celebrations, SouvNear brings forth some eloquent gifting ideas; through its unique collection of handicrafts from India; keeping in mind your emotions and the interests of your beloved.

Below listed are a few unique, enthralling and captivating ideas; that may leave your Valentine – ecstatic and loved – on this special day.

1) For jewelry-lovers – If your loved-one is really fond of jewelry then all you need is to present it nicely and as impressively as you can. Heart-shaped, this ‘Jewelry Box’ may do the job – perfectly and extraordinarily.


In bright red color; this ultra-cute creation is an elegant way to enclose a ring, necklace or bracelet; before you present it to your dear one. You can further adorn the box with a bow in red ribbon, to fill your partner with curiosity and excitement to quickly unwrap the gift!

2) For wine-lovers – Well if you have already picked up his / her favorite wine then all you need is to add these colorful ‘Wine Bottle Stoppers’ to the gift basket along with the wine bottle.


Perfectly designed to cap wine bottles, these stoppers not only prevent wines from going rancid but also add to the bar décor. Small-yet-catchy, this set of elegant bar accessories can be a thoughtful and useful gift for your Valentine that he / she will place in the bar and cherish for years to come!

3) For those who love to accessorize – Who doesn’t love accessories? But if your Valentine is really the one who loves to deck up; then, a ‘Silk Scarf’ can be an outstanding gift for him / her


Soft and cuddly, this silk scarf is a cool and chic add-on; that your Valentine will fancy throughout the year – in all seasons. Every time, your beloved will walk out of the house dressed in the same – will bring your thought in the mind.

4) For the ones who are romantic at heart – If your dear-one is a true romantic, then it can be a great idea to present this ‘Photo Album’– adorned with pictures of the memorable journey that you have had with him / her


Selecting a few pictures of some special occasions from the past that reflect your loving relationship; and pasting them in this photo album is going be another magnificent idea to leave your Valentine nostalgic and emotional – This Valentine’s Day.

5) Again for romantics – If you think cutting and pasting of too many pictures will be a time consuming task; then, you may pick this Heart-shaped ‘Picture Stand


One picture from your unforgettable moments of the past and framing the same in this heart-shaped shabby chic photo frame can be another timeless present to your Valentine. Small-yet-expressive, this gifting idea may leave your dear one joyous and blissful!

6) For perfume-lovers –Let’s get rid of those stereotypes of gifting a bottle of perfume, scent or cologne and experiment with something new. An ‘Oil Diffuser’ paired with an essential oil of his / her favorite fragrance can be yet another truly unique idea.


Made to spread fragrance; this vaporizer literally spreads love in the air through the ambience it creates in the vicinity by glowing just like a twinkling star when lit with a tealight candle. A unique and purposeful gift, this essential oil burner gracefully communicates – the unsaid words!

7) Why always a greeting card? – Replacing the greeting card with a ‘Vintage-look Leather Journal’ can be another unique way to forward love quotes – This Valentine’s Day


Writing your thoughts and feelings in your handwriting on each page can be a very personalized way to convey your messages of love to your Valentine. Handmade in genuine leather, this classic-yet-stylish notebook offers numerous pages to capture your emotions. Though simple, but this idea can bring a broad smile on the face of your love mate!

8) If you plan to throw a memorable dinner – Then inviting your Valentine to a table with an extraordinary ambience created by candles and flower vases is yet another thoughtful idea


Apart from preparing his / her favorite food and picking flowers, don’t miss to add a few ‘Tealight Candle Stands‘ on the dining table. Romanticizing the whole aura; these red candle stands along with the ceramic vase; create a wonderful enigma and cast a beautiful spell on your beloved as though struck by – A Cupid’s Arrow!

Mix and match or treat your Valentine with one of the above ideas; do however you like. Undoubtedly, these ideas will knit glorious memories of this Valentine’s Day for you and your partner to ‘Admire & Adore – Always’.



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