500+ Wholesale Crafts to Sell on Amazon for Big Profits

If you are an Amazon reseller, we need not tell you how online sales have to be done: you already know that well & then life is busy too.

But as a competitive seller for handicrafts with 2,50,000+ sales behind us from around 1000 SKUs on Amazon, we can can share one important point that can flip your business 180 degrees to high profits.

Before that let’s have a look at SouvNear’s performance on Amazon:

Around 3 years back the idea was to reach art aficionados with authentic Indian crafts, and of course to create a sustainable business for artisans and us.

Just like any other story, our story was full of failures, learnings and challenges too.

Out of everything the biggest challenge/question that always made us go through the mill was ‘What is the right product to sell on Amazon?’

Challenge No. 1

I remember selling a really heavy artifact created in metal once. It was a big disappointment because no one would buy a small little craft for $156. But what could we do? The total costs on that heavy piece left us with almost no profit! This included high shipping charges and other expenses.

Challenge No. 2

There was the most common issue that almost every Amazon seller can relate to – owning the Buy Box. We were selling some marble sculptures and tea-light holders that were in high quality, but commonly available in the market in sub-standard versions. Competitors could easily sell similar crafts in poor quality but at a lesser price on our own listings on Amazon! But we were building a brand, and the others were either small traders or fly-by-night operators and couldn’t care less about quality.

Challenge No. 3,4,5,….. and so on

Apart from these, other factors like high competition, marketing, etc. always got on our nerves.

The Learning

In a couple of months we understood the Amazon business. It’s not brain surgery that requires a lot of qualifications and experience but it requires smartness and logic.

One thing that definitely is the key to success on Amazon is ‘choosing the right products to sell on Amazon’.

Whoops! That’s probably a lot to find in 1 single product!! But definitely not impossible. Eventually we found that rare treasure and succeeded in what we aimed for.

Now we have moved on to the next step of our business. SouvNear has become a wholesale ‘managed’ marketplace that supports gift-shop owners and Amazon resellers to directly pick products from anywhere around the globe at the best bulk prices.

These are high-potential products that really sell. Products that deliver high margins and are unique and different from the competition – products that everyone is looking for!

We have compiled new products to sell on Amazon and we know these should do very well on Amazon for holiday gifting/décor this season:

And it’s about time to start ordering now. Starting from Thanksgiving through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Sales, these products will help you own the buy box and create big profits for yourself. Tea-light holders, table-runners, clocks, toys, sculptures, nautical items, office and desk accessories, kitchen and bathroom essentials, décor, gifts for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and much more…

All these are available in a wide range of materials and colors direct from manufacturers.

Buying from SouvNear will help you:

 Avoid hassles to find the right products – We have a team of experts who pick only what they know will sell well on Amazon.

✓ Earn big profits – The products listed with us come with high margins.

✓ Buy everything at minimum possible prices – We have waived off all middlemen and their involvements. We manage delivery direct from manufacturers.

✓ Go very easy – We take care of everything right from creating listings on Amazon, managing orders to ensuring quality and delivery.

✓ Avoid confusions while talking to artisans – Most of them speak only in their native Indian language/dialects.

Well, that’s not enough! We have also created special pages for all the important events that promise big sales. Simply choose your occasion from the drop down ‘Wholesale Gifts’ and that’s it!!


Easy… Right?

Create an account and choose the products that you want to sell on Amazon and we will take care of everything right from your placing an order to delivering at your store. You can easily buy small or large quantities and can always reach out to us for getting quotes for customized products, and assistance.

Before you do that, quickly have a look at what our customers have to say about SouvNear.

“I recently placed my first order from souvnear.com and I must say that I was incredibly surprised to see the orders delivered so fast especially when the product shipped from India. I have other vendors that have product state side and take twice as long. Shipping was also very reasonable, allowing me to keep my retail price very affordable. I must say that I have had comments from various customers how beautiful the product is and the delicate and artistic art work put into these hand-crafted items.”

Tim R
Wicks Sticks & Stones
Home Décor, Colorado


“As the buyer for the University of Pittsburgh’s Nationality Rooms Gift Center, I am constantly on the lookout for handmade, quality gifts for our customers. Having a popular attraction in the Indian Nationality Room, and our large Indian population at the University, I found SouvNear’s Leather and Silk Journals to be a quality and affordable addition to our merchandise assortment. The quality of workmanship is quite remarkable, at a reasonable price! The Customer Service Team has also been very helpful in resolving any issues in a quick and efficient manner! Thanks!”

Phil Johnson
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260



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