5 Facts About SouvNear Wholesale Chess Sets That Can Skyrocket Your Sales


Amritsar, India, majorly known as ‘The Chess Capital of the World’, is the hub of unique handcrafted wooden chess sets. Quite interestingly, India’s contribution in exporting chess sets has been 80% in the global market.

Benefitting from this expertise, SouvNear team passionately curates ‘old world art’ inspired chess sets, exclusively for wholesale customers, by working personally with the skilled artisans of Amritsar.

As a sequel to our post, “How are Wooden Chess Sets Made?“, here are some interesting and impressive facts about our chess sets that can make your collection exclusive and in-demand in the world of chess:

  1. Our artisans take more than 5 months to carve a good quality chess set in wood

The artisans make sure to dry the wood for at least 3-4 months to make it best suitable for carving and lifelong usage. After drying, the carving of chessmen and chess board; joining different pieces; buffing; polishing etc. takes almost a month. This actually is a lot of time spent as compared to the regular chess sets manufactured in factories.

                                                             Wood set out for seasoning in the sun
  1. These are 100% handmade, carved using traditional & tedious yet most effective tools

Contrary to what most of the carvers use, SouvNear artisans still believe in traditional ways of making the chess sets. They finely detail and intricately design each piece with hand tools and create luxurious master-pieces keeping in mind the peculiar taste of chess aficionados of the world.  The process is certainly time consuming and complicated but that’s what make these unique and best.

Artisan joining the hinges by hand on a small wooden chess set
Setting the hinges on a small chess set using hand tools…
  1. The most favorable Rosewood & Maple woods are used to carve a sturdy chess set as well as to bring natural contrast of colors

No artificial colors are added anywhere in the process of making these chess sets. The finest quality rosewood and maple woods are used for natural contrast and coloration and also to bring sturdiness to the art-piece. Hence these chess sets are classic and stylish to display; and strong and safe to play with.

Setting the squares one at a time on a small wooden chess set
Setting the squares one at a time…
  1. The most promising Dovetail technique is used to join the corners of the chessboard

The strength and beauty to the construction of carcass depends on how the corners of the chessboard are joined. And our artisans use the most admired dovetail technique for the same. Highly preferred by expert wood-carvers but rarely used today, this technique makes SouvNear chess sets ideal to use lifelong with an everlasting grace and richness.

 Setting the dovetail joints on a wood chess set
Setting the dovetail joints…
  1. The buffing of each chess set is done for at least 8 times at multiple stages before it gets the final touch

Buffing is what brings the real deep shine, smoothness, and grace to the wooden pieces. And our artisans make sure to buff the chess sets using sandpapers manually at multiple levels of carving. This process is very crucial yet rarely followed especially when the pieces are manufactured in bulk.

Finishing and buffing a chess set using sandpaper…
Finishing and buffing with sandpaper…

After all this hard work we and our artisans are thrilled to present a diverse yet very rare collection of wooden chess sets for your store. Each chess set is a quick grab by chess aficionados and is proven to leave remarkable profits.

Shop wholesale SouvNear chess sets for your shop

And good luck for your reselling business!

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