2017 Easter Gift Hunt is On for Resellers – Egg-Ceptional Handmade Crafts for Exceptional Profits

2017 Easter Gift Hunt is On for Resellers - Egg-Ceptional Handmade Crafts for Exceptional Profits

Easter, the most candy-fuelled holiday welcomes spring, life, new beginnings with happiness and joy. And people do not miss to buy a whole lot of colorful gifts, eggs, bunnies, chocolates, and sweet treats.

While a majority of sellers fall in the bracket of picking regular gifts, why don’t you step ahead and choose something that is certainly going to be refreshing and unique for all eyes and is available at wholesale price.

Choose from these 100% handmade Easter gifts from India that are thoughtful and useful, creative and rare, and most importantly, profitable and adorable.

Hop on the Easter Gift Bandwagon here…

1.  CUTE SCULPTURES – These run quickly like bunnies

In the spirit of Easter celebrations, bunnies play as heroes. But this time we are doing a little more than just bunnies by introducing cute mother elephants, owls and bulls that carry a little baby inside them. Hand-carved from single blocks of stones, these intricate pieces symbolize new life, a beginning, and lots of joy. Along with these there are soulful and serene sculptures that make a wonderful gifting option.

Cute Sculptures – These run quickly like bunnies

So create a diverse display at your store with our bunnies playing different poses as well as many more rare pieces-of-art.

2.  COLORFUL BASKETS – Filled with bundles of joy and creativity

“Easter is the only time when it’s perfectly safe to put all your eggs in 1 basket”

To keep the eggs safe and upgrade your sales, we picked up colorful baskets in interesting shapes and styles. Many of these are hand-woven in bamboo or reed and many are given hand-painted motifs on ceramic and then there are many that are knitted in wool and crafted in metal.

Colorful Baskets – Filled with bundle of joy and creativity

In short, we have clubbed colonial, country, contemporary, ethnic and rustic tastes to create a wide array of display for your shop.

 3.  ADORABLE EGGS – Picked from the nest of skilled artisans

Resembling real dragon eggs, these big golden eggs are something people would love to hide and find during the Easter brunch.  Crafted by hands, the eggs are painted with elephants and happy sunbursts. Some are decorated with beads or are given rare Jaali carving.

 Adorable Eggs – Picked from the nest of skilled artisans

These decorative eggs never hatch or break and promise to live and hide for many Easters to come.

4.  PLAYFUL WATERING CANS – Whispering blooming beginnings

Everyone adores animal-themed watering cans and picks them at a glance. And when Easter is around these cute cans are loved even more. Crazy and funny to look at, these make a fabulous patio décor as well as an incredible spring gift.

Playful Watering Cans – Whispering blooming beginnings

Grouped together in a corner of your store, these watering cans would shout for themselves leaving no one to miss them.

5.  ECLECTIC TEA-LIGHT HOLDERS – Spreading light and glow

Dressed up in almost every possible color and style, these tea-light holders come with holiday charm. A timeless décor idea that adds glow to every special event, these votive holders are always the preferred option of every buyer.

Eclectic Tea-Light Holders – Spreading light and glow

You can create a variety by picking candelabras, hanging lanterns, pillar candle-stands, etc. that bring different art-forms of India in one place.

6.  PLANTERS – Bringing lush, fresh profits

Next in the league are the egg shell planters along with many more unique pots and vases in every possible color, style, material and shape. These are capable of creating a beautiful indoor and outdoor setup as well as maintaining holiday feel all through the year.

Planters – Bringing lush fresh of profits

Hand-turned into art-pieces, each pot adds a special touch to the special day without much effort.

7.  MINDFUL TOYS – Multiplying fun with brains

When talking about gifts, kids are the first ones to be kept in mind. So do not miss to keep a special corner for them. Fill their space with cute rabbits, egg-puzzles, replicas of vintage-cars, cranes, tanks and a lot more that are fun, safe and sturdy to play with.

Mindful Toys – Multiplying fun with brains

These colorful toys along with making Easter time a together time also become interesting brain teasers.

8.  AUSPICIOUS JESUS ARTIFACTS – Bringing prosperity and abundance

Last but not the least are the promising crafts with Jesus Christ’s theme that every home needs for a happy and welcoming Easter. For that we picked up Crosses, vases and wall-hangings with Jesus and Mother Mary portraits and many thoughtful décor and gifts.

Auspicious Jesus Artifacts – Bringing prosperity and abundance


Without any waiting make your pick from our Easter galore that is as promising and sure as eggs is eggs. For more interesting options you can take a sneak peak at our website www.souvnear.com

Till then happy selling and an EGGS-TRAVAGANT EASTER!

Author: Dolly Purba
Dolly is a Literature enthusiast and has honed her writing and literary skills with a Masters course in Literature. She has a knack for simplifying things and views life through the lens of positivity. She loves traveling and exploring diverse cultures. This blog serves as a medium to share her learning and observations.
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