Best Wholesale Gifting Ideas – Unusual List for Gift Shops to Buy in 2017

2017 Best Handmade & Unusual Gifting Ideas List for Retailers to Buy in Wholesale

Every year, there are some special days and events that continue to grow to set records of the spending levels of the people. And gift shop owners need new and unique wholesale gifting ideas to sell to customers. These busiest shopping days are highly important but equally challenging and tricky for gift store owners.

We have written this blog to help you ‘win’ this whole year through our 15,000+ unusual wholesale handmade products that make a wonderful synthesis of business, uniqueness and excellence. And the exciting fact is # all these are available in bulk at amazing wholesale prices if you are a retailer or gift shop owner. If you already have a wholesale account on SouvNear, you are good to go. If you don’t, just head on over here and get yours.

So, let’s get you started in the direction that is full of profits…

Valentine’s Day Gifts

For those who belong to each other, we have poured in loads of sweet and lovable Valentine’s Day gifts for them. Crafted by hands with much love and care, these gifts aspire to beat the boring and twee competition that has continued for years now and make unusual gifting options for your customers.

Handmade wholesale gifting ideas for Valentine's Day

Perfect to express heart filled emotions, these corazón themed bookends, tea-light holders, bags, photo-frames, and jewelry boxes shower grace and love along with practicality. You can also buy themed paper bags, boxes and gift baskets for your gift shop to match these unique handmade Valentine’s gifts. For additional options, you could stock up on wedding decorations and gifts that are as uncommon as the Valentine’s day ones.

wholesale valentines day gifts - handmade with love

Easter Gifts

Build your basket with gifts that go with the theme of Easter and are unique and creative for all eyes.

These Papier Mache bunny boxes in holiday colors bring traditional Kashmir art to the homes of the West. One of our best sellers, these little trinket boxes fascinate kids, women and everyone.

wholesale handmade gifting ideas for Easter

You should actually show your customers how these paper mache keepsakes are made and they will never miss to buy these charming bunnies.

See how paper mache products are hand-crafted in Kashmir

Apart from these there are notorious watering-cans, colorful baskets, golden eggs, planters, etc. that carry Indian essence wrapped in Easter packages.

See: 2017 Easter Gift Hunt is On for Resellers – Egg-Ceptional Handmade Crafts for Exceptional Profits for a more comprehensive range of unique wholesale Easter gifts.


Mother’s Day Gifts

We love to do something uncommon & unusual for every mother. So we picked up Mother’s Day gifts that complement her uniqueness and encourage her to be a super mom.

Ranging from jewelry, bags, decor to kitchen and garden tools, we have gifts for mothers of all ages.

Wholesale mother's day gifting ideas list


One thoughtful gifting option for expecting and new mothers are figurines of mother elephants, owls, peacocks hand-carved in soapstone and reclaimed woods. These carry little babies inside them. Would you believe all these pieces-of-art are hand-carved from one block of stone/wood?

Wholesale mother's day gifts


Father’s Day Gifts

For fathers, our pick is rustic and classic-look wholesale gifting ideas that qualify to become heirlooms for the next generations.

Gift of a lifetime, we have journals with unique and symbolic embossing done on leather. A must-know fact is that these journals are given handmade and textural pages that are acid-free & eco-friendly.

 We love dads who boat and camp. For such enthusiastic dads there are vintage-look nautical items like compasses, telescopes, etc. that make wonderful memorabilia & collectibles.

Wholesale gifting ideas for father's day

Another cadeau exceptionnel are these rosewood walking canes with brass handles. Exuding vintage appeal, these companions during street walks make a style statement for all age gentlemen.

You should also see this rare bamboo mug. Lending a countryside charm, the mug is perfect for dads who like to read and stay serious. And for sporty & chilled out dads we have basketball mugs in ceramic.

Wholesale father's day gifts

Throw in some nautical themed keychains in the mix to hand out as promotional products to your customers and you are all set.

 Friendship Day Gifts

Wholesale gifting ideas for friendship day are innumerable.  If a friend is an avid reader, then hand-carved bookends in high quality wood, metal and marble can make a thoughtful gift.

wholesale thank-you gifting ideas

For trendsetting friends, our experts recommend ethnic and bright fashion accessories like bags, earrings, ipad holders, jewelry boxes.

Wholesale thank you gifts

These are handmade by a group of women in India, Chhoti Si Asha, who celebrate their passion & skill every day.

Chhoti Si Asha Organization

For those unbreakable bonds, we have colorful and charming picture frames in wood, marble, bone and wrought iron that are adorned with carving, inlays and more.

Wholesale gifting ideas - picture frames


Halloween Gifts

For earning spooktacular business profits during Halloween, we have some spooky and practical wholesale gift and décor ideas for halloween.

Our devilish pumpkin coasters posing different expressions are carved especially for this day.  Merge these with Boo skeleton cushion covers and haunted castle trays for completing your Halloween collection.

Wholesale halloween gifting ideas

Another perfect and highly recommended add on is these walking-canes with Eagle and Skeleton brass handles. Lending vintage and royal appeal, these make a wonderful gifting option for all age gentlemen.

Wholesale halloween gifts

If you want to add some happy colors to the ghostly theme, pick these bright pumpkin knobs in ceramic.

Wholesale pumpkin knobs


Thanksgiving Gifts

We bring wonderful thanksgiving table decoration and gifting ideas for those special reunions and get-togethers that are full of gratitude and love.

For perfectionists who want to serve Turkey, cakes, snacks and more in the most profound and stylish way, we have rare serving platters and trivets. These are made by hands using natural & raw materials.

Wholesale Thanksgiving gifting ideas

Bring to your shop an unusual twist to the decorating traditions through these candle holders and trays that can lighten up and brighten all thanksgiving table setups. You can see intricate carving, painting and inlaying done by hands on each artifact.

Wholesale Thanksgiving gifts

An effortless way to highlight living areas and bedrooms are these throw pillows that are hand-stitched in pure cotton and given rare Kantha, cutwork and Jogi work embroidery. Each cushion cover requires many days’ effort before becoming the grace of couches and beds.

Wholesale throw pillow covers

 Holiday Gifts for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become the biggest shopping days of the year for holiday gifting. You can quickly see some gifting ideas for the holidays here. While a majority of the retailers offer big sales to customers to stay in the competition, there are some products that are certain to sell without heavy discounts. Because those are rare and handmade. We also recommend unusual and funny gifts for holiday gifting sales.

Let’s see what all is in store with us for these days.

Firstly, we have carpets and rugs with Arabian Kilim patterns. These are made by hands and take months to complete. These cozy carpets become a preferable option for everyone for the chilly holiday season.

Wholesale carpets and rugs

Another fabulous option is the ancient-look Dhokra artifacts with their rustic charm and are made by nomadic tribes using a 4000+ years’ old lost-wax casting technique that was used by the Mohenjodaro civilization.

Wholesale Dhokra art items

Then there are hanging lamps, spectacle holdertapestries,  toys and games that have been our proven best sellers during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal days.


wholesale holiday gifting ideas

 Christmas Decor and New Year Gifts

For Christmas we have decorations that honor the outdoors, indoors, table setups, Christmas-trees and almost every corner of the home.

No Christmas is complete without ornaments and baubles. And we have picked up colorful baubles that are hand-stitched in Zari work or are casted from metal in the shapes of stars, trees, birds and much more…

We’re delighted to show our colorful gift bags and boxes that are dipped in Christmas themes. Needed by almost everyone during the holiday season, you should have a bulk stock of these available well ahead in time.

We have many more Christmas artifacts that promise to create a wonderland through their exquisite and magical handmade twists.


Wholesale Christmas gifts

With a passion to discover skilled but unknown artisans who are based in small towns and villages of India, our sourcing team travels each day. And each day we introduce hundreds of new products and support them to have a beautiful life.

You can get the products customized and we promise to deliver these worldwide in bulk at wholesale pricing.

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