15000+ Chosen Handmade Wholesale Gifts for Stores – Must-Have Ones from India for All Occasions

Perfect wholesale gifts to display in stores for all seasons

If you are a gift store owner, we can relate to everything you do for your business.  

Right from choosing the products to selling them at good margins, reducing the prices of stuck inventory to clicking pictures for social media marketing, we can relate to every bit you do to sell your products.

One important thing that we have learned in the last 3-4 years of our business is:

And I am sure you would also agree to it.

In our business, this means – if Easter is in the month of April, we should start planning for it in January. By February we should have all the Easter products in place with us. By mid-march, we should calculate the selling price of the products, click the pictures of the products for promotions. And by March-end, Easter charm should be seen all around our store, website and social media pages.

In short, we should prepare and position ourselves in the market at least 1 month before the event. And this is one of the key factors to make good profits in our business.

If you agree to this you probably would be interested to read this blog that lists the best selling products (event wise) for the whole year.

Before you go there, let me quickly tell you ‘What is SouvNear and how it works?’

SouvNear is a Wholesale Marketplace that works directly with 7200+ artisans and manufacturers in India to create remarkable handmade products for retailers. We have delivered 300000+ orders in 14 countries with a choice of 18000+ products.

Now let’s come to our gift collection that your customers would certainly love to buy:

1. Valentine’s Day Wholesale Gifts

This is a day that celebrates love. Interestingly an average person spends $135 on gifts and dinners during this day. And this was surveyed back in 2014. Since then the average spending capacity has only increased.

Our Valentine wholesale gift basket offers you gifts for all love-bees with different interests.

Firstly, the heart-lovers! There are many who love to exchange heart crafts that hold a special meaning. For them, the pick is photo-frames, earrings, gift-boxes, jewelry boxes, tea-light holders, and incense holders. All these carry the essence of hearts in them.

We have special gifts for those who believe in giving something that is practical as well as gorgeous.

Guide your confused male buyers to buy scarves, bags, red cushion-covers, jewelry accessories, etc. to impress their ladies.

And interest your female customers with unique and classy gifts like antique-looking walking-canes, chess-sets and laptop bags that will add to the style of their men.


2.  Easter Wholesale Gifts

It is a cute and adorable day that welcomes anything that is happy, joyous and green.

The day made us pick traditional and timeless gifts that are certain to bring smiles on all faces. Explore bunny toys, bunny keepsakes, bunny sculptures, bunny bookends, bunny wall-hooks, and a lot more of bunny stuff.

Also, we have innumerable baskets in grass and cane and metal and wood. All these are woven or crafted by hands following eco-friendly processes.

Easter is incomplete without eggs. Enjoy big golden eggs crafted in wood and painted in sun and elephant motifs.

Do not miss to keep a shelf in your store for religious gifts too. Carved in wood and marble, the sculptures of God Jesus and Mother Mary are a sure pick. More to this range is the Wooden Victorian style Cross symbols in a multitude of styles and designs.


3. Mother’s Day Wholesale Gifts

Buyers and sellers both rack their brains while choosing the gifts for this occasion. Well, we all know this day can’t be taken for granted. 

For artistic & home-lover moms, décor and home accessories would do all the magic. Starting from entryways and patios, the home range goes up to bathrooms, kitchens and to almost every corner of the home. Few to mention are vases, tealight candle holders, mirrors, planters, watering-cans, table-runners and much more…


We also have shabby-chic crafts that exude Victorian era essence in the surroundings. Carved in detail from wood, these old-world decorative pieces are just perfect for moms who have subtle and rich tastes. 

For fashionable moms, the safe and high-selling pick is jewelry-pieces, boxes, bags, scarves, iPad covers and a lot more.

I highly insist that you check out our collection of bookends. Crafted by hands in wood, marble, and metal, the bookends are given the shapes of horses, elephants, cars etc. These make a thoughtful gifting option for moms who love to read.

Then there is something very special for expecting and new moms as well – mother elephant and owl figurines that carry a little baby inside them. An extraordinary fact about these figurines is that these are carved from single blocks of stone and wood.4. Father’s Day Wholesale Gifts

Whether it’s his 1st Father’s day or the 30th, whether he is an outdoorsman or a very serious man, choosing the right gift for him would not be an easy business. Especially when we know 90% of the fathers confuse their children by saying “I don’t want anything”.

If you wish to keep a very relevant and smart collection for fathers, go by their interests.

For dads with classic tastes, my favorite pick is wood walking canes with brass handles in the shape of eagles, skeleton, lion etc. Some more unique gifts in the similar genre are hand-crafted chess sets and antique-look nautical items.

Another great option is eco-friendly journals in leather and other recycled fabrics. If not more, there will be at least 500+ journals with handmade papers carrying the essence of different art-forms.

Then we have photo-frames, ashtrays, belts, key-holders, iPad cases, mugs etc. that will certainly charm all-type fathers.

5. Wholesale Birthday Gifts

Whether an old friend or your mom, odds are probably everyone has a birthday. Earn big all through the year with the gifts that will be just perfect and relevant for everyone.

For those buyers who think their fashionable females have got a real nice collection, our accessories will certainly excite them. Made all by hands, these chunky as well as elegant pieces, have an ethnic influence with modern twists.

For home-freaks, the pick is rich-looking sculptures and figurines that are unique and considered lucky to place at homes. Along with these painted trays, tissue-holders etc. are there in this range.

Gentlemen with rustic tastes would enjoy walking-canes, nautical items, journals, bookends etc.

Check out birthday gifts for kids in the next section of this article.

6. Wholesale Gifts for Kids

Safe, engaging, fun and intelligent! Maybe that’s what one expects in the gifts and toys for kids.

We have in store with us brain games like chess-sets, tic-tac-toes, jigsaw puzzles, backgammon boxes, cribbage boards, labyrinth boards etc. The best thing is that the games are crafted in fine wood and are buffed multiple times to make them solid and safe for kids.

Apart from these, we have spinning-tops, pull toys, piggy banks etc. that are known as traditional toys of India. All these are meant to engage kids for a longer duration.

7. Wholesale Wedding Gifts

The wedding day is probably the most important day for everyone. Nothing can be put into the risk that day, right from wedding decorations to food to wedding gifts.

So we have tied up creative, traditional and personalized gift ideas into 1 that will certainly impress the new couple.

The most thoughtful gift the grooms can give to their brides is the ethnic-look boxes enriched with zari work, stones and beads. Apart from these, there are hand-stitched potli bags in the same theme. Very rich in appeal these boxes and potlis become a perfect wrap for the jewels they wish to give to their brides.


The brides can charm their perfect men with rustic-look journals with something special written on them. Add nautical devices like a compass, telescopes and walking-canes etc. (shown in Father’s Day section) to this range as well. 

The auspicious gifts that silently will bless the couple are Buddha sculptures, elephant and tortoise figurines.Thoughtful decorative items for the homes of new couple is always a safe pick for this day.


8. Eastern Religious Wholesale Gifts

There is some divine power around us and every being has given a different face to it and holds a different faith in it. E.g. in East, Lord Ganesha is worshipped to bring happiness during new beginnings and Goddess Laxmi to bring prosperity and success.

Lately, lots of people in the West have started believing in Hindu customs and Gods. After all, it is about faith and not the religion. For those people, we have wholesale auspicious gifts in the form of figurines, paintings, and sculptures. Made by hands, each gift exudes an honest and artistic appeal.

There are 376 million Buddha followers worldwide who focus on personal spiritual development. For them, we have carved Buddha figurines, oil-diffusers, tea-light holders, paintings, journals, cushion-covers that become the most selling gifting options.

9. Western Religious Wholesale Gifts

Religious gifts are for everyone and for all occasions. They strengthen faith, inspire virtue and serve a higher purpose of joy. These are the gifts that are chosen the whole year.

A must-have collection for your store, the wholesale gifts for this section are Lord Jesus and Mother Mary figurines carved in stone and wood.

Also discover beautiful crosses, colorful tea-light holders in a variety of styles, materials, and designs.

10. Wholesale Thank You Gifts

These gifts are a heartfelt way of saying Thank-You when simply saying is not enough. The best is – one doesn’t need an occasion to say thank you.

Whether it is cuddly thank you to a supportive friend or a formal present to a senior, our wholesale gift basket has something for everyone.

Vases & décor are a wonderful and safest gifting option when one doesn’t know what to gift. Crafted all by hands, our each piece is inspired by an art that is unique and rare to find in the modern world.

If your customers intend to do something very special and personalized, photo-frames and journals can be a great option.

#Our journals are one my favorites because of their texture, style, and handmade feel.  Or maybe because I am a writer! But believe me – these sell really fast and will make you buy again and again.

Other rare collectibles are wine-holders that will say everything for the person. In antique-look, such classics are meant to make a statement.

11. Wholesale Halloween Gifts

Put a ghostly spell on your customers with the gifts that are spooky, mysterious, fun and handmade.

Firstly look at the wicked wood coasters with carved pumpkin faces. It’s a thoughtful gift for Halloween party hosts and homemakers. Other than these there are dark and ethereal serving trays, scary vases, pumpkin tea-light holders that are functional and relevant to the day.

Then we have some interesting wall-hanging masks that are tribal and scary to look at. Crafted in quality woods, these are painted by hands by the artisans.

More for this day are skull & Eagle walking-canes, planters, tapestries, hand sculpture, pumpkin knobs etc.

12. Wholesale Housewarming Gifts

Part of the excitement of moving to a new home is to thoughtfully decorate it. What better than handmade gifts can add a personal and special touch to each corner of homes?

Discover our wholesale housewarming gift range that is creative and simply perfect for the day.

Have a look at the wall-arts made in iron. Very subtle and elegant, you can put these on the wall of your store. The best is – these won’t take much space and will become the highlight that will be noticed by everyone.

Another art for the walls is our panel paintings done on canvas. These are refreshing and joyous to look at and will make a very happy and warm gift for homes.More for decorations are hand-carved vases in marble, lucky figurines, wall-clocks, photo-frames, planters, and a lot more than I can list here.

Another highly sellable option for homes is bar, dining and kitchen accessories. In this section, we have given a fusion of old style crafts with modern hints.

13. Wholesale Thanksgiving Gifts

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of thought, preparation, and money. So it is always nice to suggest your buyers pick something for the host that is helpful and nice.

Look at these coasters in wood with dust-painting. Aren’t these interesting and unique?

Similar traditional-looking home essentials are carved trivets, salt and pepper shakers, eco-friendly woven sabai-grass placemats, elephant napkin-holders, distressed serving trays, copper tumblers, wine-holder boxes and more. All these are picked with deep thought and are proven profitable items for gift-stores.

More in this section are napkin rings, tea-light holders, dinner décor, jewelry-boxes.

14. Wholesale Holiday & Christmas Gifts

Holiday gifts are a big business so do not miss to make grand displays in your store for this day. I would highly recommend that you fill all your store space with lots of colorful gifts.

Pick small size gifts for 2 reasons – one; they will take lesser space leaving you to keep more gift options and two; small sized gifts are picked more frequently than the bigger ones.

Listing all gifts will take me forever so here’s a teaser of what you will find in the holiday wholesale gifts’ section.

Wooden Games are for all ages. These are solid and safe to play with and it makes a rich and considerate gift for everyone.

For decorations, there are photo-frames, auspicious sculptures, marble tea-light holders, decorative display plates, vases, lamps, paintings etc.

Keep functional and useful items as well like bookends, small wood animal shape tables, jewelry-boxes etc.

Here I would like to highlight one of my favorites – Tibetan singing bowls. These produce healing and meditation sound and work as a sound therapy for everyone. There is a long list of the benefits of these bowls. Few to mention are – these reduce stress, relaxes body and mind, improve blood circulation, promote happiness and well-being and much more.

More for this season is Christmas decorations with ethnic Indian twists. Along with these there are innumerable gift boxes and bags in happy colors and styles.

15. Wholesale Back to School and Graduation Gifts

We’ve got lots of gifts to help school and college goers to pass through the time smoothly and happily.

Firstly the desk accessories! Table clocks, pen-holders, lamps are highly relevant to students. And these are not any ordinary ones. Crafted from reclaimed woods and other quality materials, these functional products will make a memorabilia for always to remember.

More wholesale gift options are classic hour glasses, magnifying glasses, journals, reading stands, wooden brain games, hand-painted iPad covers etc.

I also love our colorful poufs that are a need of every hostler. These look adorable, take less space and are easy to carry.

16. Wholesale Diwali Gifts & Decorations

Spread happiness and lights with the Diwali gifts that are going to be remembered forever. For this prosperous day we suggest you to firstly infuse lots of tea-light holders to your store.

In metal, wood, glass, marble etc. there are big and small tea-light holders showcasing unique art-forms of India.

Colors really sell big during Diwali season. Our wooden crafts brightened with cone-painting art-form can be the main highlight of your store.

More are auspicious figurines that are worshipped and gifted largely on that day.

There are hundreds of decorative products that gracefully blend with the day’s charm.

17. Unusual and Funny Wholesale Gifts

Interestingly this category is for the whole year and these gifts really make a big difference in the sales. Best is anything that doesn’t look good and seems quirky and weird is quickly picked by friends and siblings.

I won’t say much for these. Just have a look at some of them here!


Smart marketers will always suggest that events are a great way to add value to your brand. These events are a fast way to make your customers reach to you. These are an opportunity to make big sales.

So make your store an inspired space for handmade and prepare in advance for the biggest sales ever.

Pick wholesale gifts directly from the artisans now.

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